What Leagues, Formats and Levels Does FVC Offer?


Levels of Play
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Leagues and Formats
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Fairfax West Division
Matches will be played in Sterling, Virginia at the Dulles Sportsplex and at the Virginia Volleyball Center.


Coed BB 6s, Men’s A 6s, Women’s A 6s


Mixer League (Coed 6s), Men’s BB 6s


Coed B 6s, Coed BB 6s, Coed A 6s


Reverse Coed BB 6s

Matches will be played at various Fairfax County schools (typically in Falls Church and Alexandria).

Mondays (Winter and Spring Sessions Only)
Reverse Coed AA 6s, Men’s BB 6s

Tuesdays (Fall and Winter Sessions Only)
Women’s AA 6s

Wednesdays (Fall Session Only)
Men’s BB 6s

Thursdays (Fall and Winter Sessions Only)
Coed A 6s, Coed BB 6s

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