Facilitated Match Rule

So, what exactly DO you have to do if you find yourself as a Facilitator for one of your matches?  First off, don’t sweat it!  Most teams are in the same boat as you are throughout the season and should have a mutual respect for the position you are in.  Next, it’s best that you understand what our rules SAY about facilitated matches which we’ve highlighted below for you.  FVC’s rule #21 states:

21) Facilitated Matches: Teams playing in matches without a paid official are expected to honor their work assignments by providing a “Facilitator” in addition to the work team requirements documented above. Honor calls in these divisions (as in all divisions) are expected by all players. Any dispute over a call (or lack thereof) that the Facilitator cannot reasonably resolve shall be a replay. Calls made by the Facilitator are final. Players are expected to treat the Facilitator as if they area paid official. Interactions between players and the Facilitator are subject to the FVC code of Conduct for all parties. The Facilitator shall be responsible for regulating the match as a paid official would, with the following clarifications:

a) Expected to be familiar with FVC rules and have a copy available at all matches.

b) Expected to control the timing of the match. Matches must start and end on time.

c) Expected to enforce forfeit procedures.

d) Expected to resolve disputes between teams, including in/out calls, ball handling violations, touches, being ready for serve, etc.

e) Facilitators are not expected to use a whistle to beckon for serve or stop play for violations if they are not comfortable doing so. However, all Facilitators should manage the match to the extent of their ability and   knowledge.

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