FWest Players — An Update from FVC’s President

Fairfax West (VVC) Players,

Happy New Year!  If you missed my email on December 21st, you can view it here:  http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs177/1102600104672/archive/1123253323268.html

In that message, I mentioned that we have been working hard at correcting some of the issues we’ve been having at VVC.  To that end we recently met with the Executive Director of NVVA to discuss some of the challenges we’ve had at the facility.  That was a productive meeting that led to some solutions and clarifications that I’d like to share with you now:

1)     Match Start Times – The Executive Director will communicate to NVVA Coaches that they are to release their courts to us on time.  The rule of thumb is that we will have one hour from when the court is free and the net height is set.  For example:  If the court is ready at 9:05, the first match will end at 10:05 and the second match at 11:05.

2)     VVC On-Duty Personnel – Players should be aware that VVC (Shirley and other NVVA employees) do not run our leagues.  Any issue that is not specifically facility related (nets, bathrooms, etc.) should be addressed to Administrator@FairfaxVolleyball.com.

3)     Net Adjustments – FVC members should never adjust the nets unless specifically requested by VVC On-Duty Personnel to assist them.  Note that VVC will be replacing the net systems on courts 5 and 6.  These new systems will have nets that are on slides so that the height can be adjusted quickly.

There’s one other thing that’s been a hot topic lately and that is Facilitated Matches.  We’ve clarified the rules and policies regarding Facilitated Matches.  You can view this here

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  We appreciate you helping us negotiate this revised relationship with the facility.  Our aligned goal is to grow adult volleyball.  With that in mind, some of the things that are in the works are adult clinics on weeknights and beer sales with more to follow.


Eric Mills – President

Fairfax Volleyball Club

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