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Registration Info for Fairfax West Winter 2 Leagues



Register your team as early as possible for the Fairfax West Winter 2 session.  (As a reminder, Fairfax West leagues play at VVC in Sterling.)
Because the grid in the registration section of our website cannot accommodate multiple start dates for all of the FFX West leagues, please use the information on this page as your guide for registration dates for the Fairfax West Winter 2 session. 
Note: all start dates listed are tentative. Team captains will be notified of official start dates once schedules are available (at least one week prior to league start date).
Click here for an explanation of the levels of play.

Women’s A (Mondays – $420 per team)

 — Registration: now – 01/12/14

 — Registration with Late Fee: 01/13/14 – 01/20/14

 — Registration Closes: 01/20/14

 — League Start Date: 02/03/14

Coed BB (Mondays – $420 per team)

— Registration:  now – 01/19/14

— Registration with Late Fee: 01/20/14 – 01/27/14

— Registration Closes: 01/27/14

— League Start Date: 02/10/14

Reverse Coed 4s (Tuesdays or Thursdays – $300 per team)

— Registration: now – 12/30/13

— Registration with Late Fee: 12/31/13 – 01/07/14

— Registration Closes: 01/07/14

— League Start Date: 01/21/14 or 01/30/14 (Click here for more info about why there are two start dates listed for this league.)

Men’s A/BB (Tuesdays – $420 per team)

— Registration:  now – 01/13/14

— Registration with Late Fee: 01/14/14 – 01/21/14

— Registration Closes: 01/21/14

— League Start Date: 02/04/14

Coed A (Wednesdays – $420 per team)

— Registration:  now – 12/31/13

— Registration with Late Fee: 01/01/14 – 01/08/14

— Registration Closes:  01/08/14

— League Start Date: 01/22/14

Coed BB (Wednesdays – $420 per team)

— Registration:  now – 01/28/14

— Registration with Late Fee:  01/29/14 – 02/05/14

— Registration Closes: 02/05/14

— League Start Date: 02/19/14

Reverse Coed A (Thursdays – $420 per team)

— Registration:  now – 01/01/14

— Registration with Late Fee:  01/02/14 – 01/09/14

— Registration Closes: 01/09/14

— League Start Date: 01/23/14

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Questions?  Please contact the FVC administrator (Tia Storey).

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