Junior Participation

FVC Indoor Juniors Participation Policy

1. FVC defines a junior player as anyone 14 and older but younger than 18.

2. All players should have a valid ID in their possession during FVC events or leagues in the chance that proof of age is required.

3. All junior players ages 14 – 17 are required to have a court side (or on court) responsible adult present at all times during a match. There can be one adult for up to 12 juniors.

4. Any team comprised of 100% junior players will require a court side responsible adult.

5. In addition to having the following forms in their possession during FVC events or leagues, all junior players are required to submit them to the FVC Administrator, PRIOR to playing in FVC leagues:

1. Junior Liability Form: 2016-17 Junior Liability Form

2. Junior Medical Release Form (or the USAV Medical Release Form from the current year will be accepted): 2016-17 Junior Medical Release Form

3. Junior Onsite Form: 2016-17 Junior Onsite Form

Forms can be scanned and sent to the Administrator at administrator@fairfaxvolleyball.com

6. Waivers are valid for one year which is defined by FVC as Sep. – Aug. All waivers will be destroyed prior to a new year.

**Any junior player not adhering to these policies in addition to the established league policies will be considered an illegal player which will result in the forfeiture of matches.**