Please click here to register for the Mixer League, Reverse Coed 4s, outdoor tournaments, and special events (skills clinic, open gym/practice nights, etc.).

To register a team for indoor leagues, to use the “Team Management” system, or to register (for free) as an individual who wants to join a team, keep reading.

If you have questions about the registration process, please contact our league administrator. Please allow for a 72 hour response time.

Registering a Team for Indoor Leagues

  • Click “Indoor Registration’ in the left navigation.
  • Click on “Team Registration” at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your Team and your Team Representative Information.
  • Enter your Player Information. Please include a valid email address for each team member. Having this information allows FVC to communicate with all of its members about important events and policies.
  • You may choose to make a tax-deductible donation to the Fairfax Volleyball Club. Funds raised through donations are used for charity activities as listed on the FVC website.
  • Check the box under “Important Policy Information.”
  • Click “Submit Registration Information.”
  • Submit payment. Visa and Mastercard only are accepted.
  • Print out a copy of your registration receipt. Note the username and password at the bottom of the email. You can use this information to register this same team for another session in 60 seconds or less using the Team Management system. (Keep reading for information about this system.)

Other notes about registering a team:

  • The cost to register a team is $420.
  • Teams signing up for Coed or Reverse Coed divisions must have at least three men and at least three women on the roster in order to register.
  • “Fairfax” teams (teams that will play in Fairfax County schools) will be assessed a $30 fee for each non-Fairfax County resident on the roster. This non-resident fee is collected by Fairfax Volleyball Club but is payable to Fairfax County. If you do not see your zip code on this map, you will be assessed the $30 fee. Please note that your registration information will be cross-referenced with the County and late notices for the $30 fee will be sent if the fee was not paid at registration time.
  • There is no out-of-county fee for players in “Fairfax West.”
  • Schedules will be emailed to team reps and division reps at least one week prior to play beginning, and schedules will also be posted on the FVC website.

Team Management System
On August 1 of each year, the FVC database is cleared of all team information. When teams register for the Fall session (or for the first time after August 1 each year), all team information including names, email addresses, etc. must be provided.

Team captains should print out (or save) the email receipt they receive after registering a team because at the bottom of the receipt is a system-generated username and password that may be used to register the same team in 60 seconds or less for future sessions using the Team Management system.

  • How do I access the “Team Management” system?
    • Click on “Team Management” in the left navigation.
  • What is the “Team Management” system?
    • It allows you to select the next session (“Add Session”) that you wish to register for and submit your payment in 60 seconds or less without requiring you to re-enter all of your team’s contact information.
    • It allows you to view your team roster at any time (not just during registration periods). You can copy and paste your team roster — including the email addresses and phone numbers of each team member — so you can easily share your team members’ contact information.
    • It allows you to view/edit team information at any time (not just during registration periods). You can see which sessions your team has played in/is signed up to play in; you can change your team name; you can change the night(s) your team prefer to play; and you can change team representative information.
    • It allows you to view/edit individual team member information at any time (not just during registration periods). This is helpful if, for example, a team member gets a new phone number or email address. When the contact information for each team member is up to date, it allows you to use the team roster as a contact sheet for your team and it allows FVC to effectively communicate (via email) with all members.
    • It allows you to view “unassigned players” — players from the “Player Looking List” (players looking to join teams) that you have talked to and who have agreed to join your team. This feature saves you time because you don’t have to enter your new teammate’s information; by “assigning” the player to your team, the player’s info (already in the database) is assigned to your roster. And the system is smart enough to know that if you are logged in with your username and password for your women’s team, the “unassigned players” will, for example, only show women who have entered information into the “Player Looking List” which again saves you time because you won’t have to scroll through all of the men who have entered information into the “Player Looking List.”
    • A username and password is generated for each team that you register. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, meaning you must enter capital letters as capital letters (not lowercase letters).
    • The “Team Management” system is cleared each year on August 1. Usernames and passwords generated prior to August 1 of each year are no longer valid once the system has been cleared. In order to obtain new usernames and passwords, you will need to re-enter all of your team’s contact info.
    • Please contact the league administrator if you have questions about the “Team Management” system. Please anticipate a 72-hour response time.

FREE – registering as an individual player (someone looking to join a team):

  • There is no fee to register as an individual.
  • Click “Indoor Registration” in the left navigation.
  • Click on “Individual Player Registration” at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your complete contact information and indicate which divisions/levels you are interested in playing.

Registering as an individual player means your contact information becomes searchable on the “Players Looking List” on the Fairfax Volleyball Club’s website. This list is provided as a resource to those seeking team members and/or subs. Fairfax Volleyball Club is not responsible for forming teams comprised of people who register as individual players. For suggestions on how to use the “Players Looking List” to form your own team, click here

The “Players Looking List” is generated from a database that is cleared of information each year on August 1 (the first day of FVC’s new “year”; FVC’s year is August 1 – July 31). You will need to register yourself as an individual player each August if you want your information to remain on the “Player Looking List.”